Terms & Conditions

Amberley Boarding Kennels


All dogs must have a current vaccination for the following: Distemper, Infectious Hepatitis, Leptospirosis, Parvovirus, Parainfluenza and/or must have had a booster injection within the last 12 months. DOGS WILL NOT BE ACCEPTED FOR BOARDING WITHOUT PROOF OF UP-TO-DATE VACCINATIONS.

Canine Infectious Bronchitis (Kennel cough)

We strongly recommend that your dog is inoculated – we suggest that you discuss this matter with your Veterinary Surgeon. If your dog is inoculated against kennel cough, please make sure this is carried out at least 21 days prior to boarding as otherwise your dog may not be fully covered during his/her stay with us as it takes time for immunity to develop. It is highly contagious and air borne and we are unable to stop transmission from dog to dog and it can be quite serious for elderly or immune deficient dogs.

Worming & Flea Treatments

An effective wormer such as Drontal must have been administered to your dog one week prior to boarding and all dogs must be covered by a known flea treatment such as Frontline. Should it be found that treatment for flea/worm infestation is required we reserve the right to administer treatment as we see fit or to seek veterinary advice. All costs with regards to either the treatment or transport to/from the vets will be payable by the owner.

Booking Confirmation & Payment Terms

We do not operate a 24hr charging system

Most boarding establishments charge a whole day for both day of arrival and day of collection irrespective of the time you drop off or collect your dog.

We operate a full day charge for the day of arrival and a half day charging system for day of collection only. If you collect in the morning before 12 noon there is a half day boarding charge. If you collect in the afternoon you will incur a full day boarding charge. Owners can only collect/drop off during our opening hours – there may be additional charges should you need and we agree for a later or earlier collection/drop off. We reserve the right to revise our prices when necessary. Rates will be charged at the rate prevailing at the time of boarding. During our peak periods if you collect your dog early you will be charged for the whole boarding session that was booked. All accounts are payable on the day of collection. Long-term boarders will be charged monthly in advance. Any outstanding charges will attract interest at 7% above the Bank of England prevailing base rate per day. Any costs incurred in collecting outstanding accounts will be charged. Payment may be made by credit/debit card or cash.


Deposits are fully transferrable or refundable (less admin charge) with a 28 full day notice of cancellation during peak times or 14 days for off peak times prior to the boarding start date. However, an administration fee of £7.50 per transaction will be deducted from your deposit if a refund is due. A booking will only be confirmed on receipt of a deposit. Deposit amounts will vary depending on duration of stay and whether it is within a peak period or not. Refunds will only be made via debit/credit card not cash.

Bank Holidays

Our reception is closed all day – therefore no dogs can depart or arrive on these days. During the Christmas and New Year periods there is a one day surcharge per kennel for Christmas Day, Boxing Day and New Year’s Day.

Peak Times

31st March to 31st September, 20th December to 7th January, and all bookings running through half terms.


All prices quoted and charged include VAT at the current rate.

Aggressive/Destructive Temperaments

Notwithstanding acceptance of a booking and deposit paid – Amberley Boarding Ltd reserves the right to refuse admission to any animal which in the opinion of the managers is of a ferocious nature or otherwise unsuitable for boarding. If after entry your dog proves to be aggressive towards staff or destructive to our facilities we will contact you to arrange the dogs removal. All additional costs for damage or otherwise caused by your dogs will be chargeable to you.

Veterinary Attention/Insurance

Dogs boarded at Amberley Boarding Ltd receive every care and attention. However, should treatment be required, the management reserves the right to call a veterinary surgeon of our choice and act upon their advice. We will endeavour to contact the owner to obtain consent but where contact cannot be made the owner agrees to accept the decision of the vet selected by the kennels. Your dogs are insured for illness and accident only as a direct result of boarding at Amberley Boarding Ltd during their board up to a maximum of £1,000. Any other vet fees incurred are the sole responsibility of the owners and must be paid for on collection. Any veterinary instructions you have regarding your dogs care in the event of illness or injury during their stay must be relayed to us in writing at arrival. Charges may be levied for all additional care and transportation to and from the vets. If the health of any dog is causing concern on arrival we reserve the right to refuse admission.

Medications and Existing Conditions

All ongoing medical conditions must be disclosed on the day of arrival. Any veterinary treatment your dog has received in the previous 6 months before boarding must be disclosed in writing. Failure to disclose will result in all vet fees being the sole responsibility of the owners. It is the responsibility of the dogs owner to inform us of the medical regime required for their dog. Clearly written instructions with the times and amounts must be given and all medications must be clearly labelled. Injections for Diabetic dogs can be administered – a separate charge of £5 per day will be charged. All medication administered outside of our normal opening hours will be charged at an additional fee of £5 per day.

Personal Belongings

Bedding – we supply plastic hygienic beds for all sizes of dogs, together with towelling and vet bedding. We cannot use your own personal bedding if it cannot be washed and disinfected on a daily basis. You can bring soft bedding or blankets that can easily be laundered.

Toys – we have a large supply of toys for your dogs to play with, but you are welcome to bring your own dogs toys in.


We provide a selection of wet/dry dog food suitable for most dogs, if your dogs are on a specific diet that we do not supply we recommend that you bring sufficient with you for your dogs stay with us. We do not discount for owners providing their own food.

Please do not bring anything to Amberley Boarding Ltd for your dog that you are not prepared to lose. Due to our cleaning regimes we cannot guarantee the return of any bedding or toys. We do not accept responsibility for lost items.


Amberley Boarding Ltd may socialise your dog in small supervised groups during exercise periods only. If you do not wish your dog or they are not suitable for socialising, please advise us on arrival and a note will be made against your dog and no socialising will take place. Please be aware that although our staff are always present at these times and whilst every endeavour is taken to look after your dog and that all care is taken to match your dogs temperament and character – occasionally dogs can start playing too roughly and Amberley Boarding Ltd therefore will not accept any responsibility for any incidents or injury that may occur. Any veterinary charges and transport to/from the vets following any incident will be payable by the owner.

Abandoned Animals

In the event of any dog not being collected – Amberley Boarding Ltd reserves the right to deal with the situation as we see fit given the circumstances at the time after giving 14 days notice in writing to the last known address. This may include rehoming your dog.

Amberley Boarding Ltd reserves the right to change our terms and conditions without notice. Please make yourself aware of our current terms and conditions for each boarding period. Our terms and conditions are available on our website and available to view in our Reception area.

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